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Elevate your champions

Find your customer content on TikTok and increase engagement & ad performance

When it comes to social, your customers know best. People that love your brand so much they speak about it authentically are your best marketing resource. Discover and analyze all organically posted customer content seamlessly with Zelf TikTok Discovery.

TikTok: word-of-mouth on steroids

The best brands are using Tiktok to engage with their customers -
we make it easy



Americans are using TikTok for over
1.75hrs per day



higher engagement rates from customers than brands on average



of users is older than 35 – everyone is on TikTok

Zelf is the first tool for comprehensive TikTok Discovery

a search product that allow users to search and discover brand specific content and the customers/ creators that post that

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How it works • How it works • How it works • How it works •


Customers post organically about your brand and use one of hundreds of hashtags or mentions

Their use of hundreds of different hashtags and TikTok’s relevancy algorithm makes it impossible to keep track of it manually


Zelf pulls all content posted about you in one overview, across all hashtags, search terms, and mentions


Your feed will show everything that's relevant, recent, and real about your brand – and analyzes it all for performance

Sample use cases


Community engagement

Engage with your community of customers; make everyone feel special


Improved ad performance

Find high performing content to use as ads to lower cost/ engagement


Increased content library

Identify content for other owned real estate, e.g. to use in owned apps or sites


Customer-led marketing

Understand what messaging already resonates to inform your own marketing

what is the power of zelf?

save time

better ROAS

more content

higher engagement