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Win new customers, followers, and fans with the leading TikTok engagement tool that uses AI to find all people that want to buy your product, without having to spend on ads.
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What is Zelf?
Imagine being part of every relevant conversation on TikTok.
Zelf is an AI tool for TikTok that boosts your brand engagement. Acting like a 20-person team, it finds and responds to conversations about your brand, similar products, competitors, and high intent occasions. All in your brand voice so you can be present everywhere with personalized interaction at scale.
Engage like never before
Up to 98% Reduction
in cost per engagement by using organic superfans found on Zelf over influencers
Reach 35x
increase in conversations using our AI powered  outbound engagement tool
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TikTok is a community platform
The best companies on TikTok engage with everybody that would be a high intent user. With Zelf you can find the most impactful conversations and be sure you are part of those that get you a ton of reach.
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Find every high-intent consumer
Sample case: you’re a DTC donut company shipping fresh donuts directly to consumers, particularly to wedding parties. Zelf finds all posts about wedding prep, sweet treats, breakfasts, celebrations, etc., generates a dashboard of high intent consumers & posts through which to reach these customers, and auto-generates responses to get on their radar.
Analyze everything they say with AI
*in development
Engage with
auto-suggested responses
Zelf uses AI to transcribe and analyze the content of the posts and generates responses that match your brand voice.
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Enrich customer profiles with TikTok data
Add customers’ TikTok accounts to your customer database to improve outreach through other channels, e.g. through triggers based on TikTok behavior.
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